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Hi, I’m Daisy

Despite knowing what to eat, take, and do I struggled through my early perimenopause. I was exercising extremely with no shift to my weight, I was absolutely exhausted, so fatigued I would have to sleep each afternoon. I was bleeding like crazy every 21 days ( like so many embarrassing moments with blood on my clothes), in agony and I hated my partner 2 weeks out of every single month. Also, I was having crazy new symptoms like joint pain and allergies and sleep issues.

Life was stressful – I was in my first year of full-time study with a 3 day a week job. There was no space in life for me to heal myself or even give myself a little compassion.

More importantly, this very stress was making everything worse. I knew it, but I was in no way able to find a solution, because that solution included loving myself a little more, respecting myself a little more and yes actually knowing myself a little more.

My Great Transition

Now I am through the other side, my great transition, like many women before me, has been a true metamorphosis, and like the proverbial butterfly coming out of a cocoon, it has not been easy. But the pain I went through has given me the passion to want to help other women through this challenging time of life.

My beloved herbal medicines and I nurture women well, I use herbal medicine in a truly personalised way, herbs to match the person, not the generic approach of “this herb for that symptom”. I do this because they work better like this, which means you get better results.

I draw on my skills as a chef (a past career) and my love of food as medicine to help you create and eat healthy food that tastes great and feeds your hormones.

I educate women about what is happening and empower them to change their trajectory. Less symptoms at perimenopause, equals less symptoms post menopause, equals a healthier wise woman!

My Experience

The challenges of the last years have allowed me to truly feel you when you speak of your challenges and pain, to truly understand how it feels. I also get that making space in life feels next to impossible. I get there is little room for self love, respect or development after looking after everyone else all week, month, year.

But let me tell you what I have learnt: We can not keep pouring from an empty cup!

I love love love being a part in the transformations I witness every day, the women who walk into my clinic a shadow of themselves and walk out the strong passionate women they were born to be!

I am a registered degree qualified herbalist (and naturopath) and have been in the natural health sector for 15 years. I am on my own path of soul healing and I bring much of my personal growth to what I do

Let’s transform your experience of perimenopause

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Imagine how it would feel to glide into the second half of life not as the archetypical crone but as the amazing vibrant woman that is still in there somewhere.


“Daisy is an incredibly knowledgeable and insightful practitioner. She has helped me immensely with physical and emotional illness and stress. I’m a work in progress currently but with Daisy I feel supported. I highly recommend her as a naturopath and medical herbalist.”