A whole YOU approach to vibrant  health

Let me guide you through your journey to wellness

Naturopath and Herbalist

Right now you might be feeling confused and out of control.

There are weird and worrying symptoms, and the doctor says there is nothing wrong!


Maybe you are hormonal, frazzled and exhausted?


Maybe you can’t sleep 


Or have weight that just won’t budge?


Maybe you have infections that won’t get better or keep coming back


Tummy troubles that mean eating is not a joy any more? 


Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as an autoimmune disease or diabetes and want help learning to better manage your symptoms?


Or maybe you are simply confused about what you should eat? I mean really there is so much contradiction in the media about what healthy is!

Working with me, to help you feel awesome is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Book an initial discovery call


Choose the program to suit your needs


Enjoy your new Personalised Plan to feel amazing

work with me and you’ll discover how powerful a whole YOU approach is

Your relationship to yourself matters

When you work with me, I help you identify and overcome blocks and offer personal development tools to help you find the true self that has been a bit buried by the years

And herbs and nutrition can make all the difference

I use herbs and supplemental nutrition to help you feel balanced and vibrant so you have the capacity to make the big changes that will make the difference ongoing!

What you eat matters

We all know this! and yet we all go though life eating for fuel or at the beck of our emotions, with brief flings with “healthy” or “weight loss” I use a baby step approach to help you change your diet in a sustainable and lasting way

How you live matters

Learning to manage your stress and increase your resilience to it is a HUGE part of the journey, I help you identify what methods will suit you and guide you to get them into your life


“I have recently started seeing Daisy as my naturopath. I am already feeling better, I have learned more about my body, learned new tools, and I feel heard and supported. I feel I am in kind, caring and knowledgeable hands with Daisy. Stoked with my herbs too, the big bottle will last me a while.”