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Sandwich Worthy Gluten Free Bread

Thanks to my friend and colleague Lauren from Ascension Kitchen for the base of this amazing recipe! I have tweaked it but it is still essentially hers πŸ’œ


225g buckwheat flour

125g sorghum flour

120g tapioca starch

2 teaspoons baking powder (source a gluten free brand)

1⁄4 cup whole flax seeds

1⁄2 cup pumpkin seeds

1⁄2 cup sunflower seeds

1⁄2 cup chia seeds

(2cups of seeds total – you can change these up but I would keep the linseeds at 1/2 cup)

1 teaspoon sea salt, fine

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons psyllium husks

2 cups warm water

2 teaspoons active yeast (1 satchet of Edmonds)

2 teaspoons sugar (to feed yeast)

Any flavour you wish (turmeric, rosemary are both nice, I usually just make it plain though!)

To finish: β€’ Flax seeds


1. Line a rectangle bread tin with baking paper and set aside.

2. Add sugar and yeast to 1⁄2 cup warm water, give a little stir, and set aside for ten or minutes until the yeast blooms and froths.

3. Meanwhile, sift the buckwheat and sorghum flour, tapioca starch, baking powder and salt into a large mixing bowl. Add seeds and flavour/spice. Mix to combine.

4. In a blender, whiz the remaining 11⁄2 cups warm water with the psyllium husks for 15 seconds. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients, pour in psyllium husk mixture, olive oil and yeast mixture.

5. Use a spatula to fold the mixture together in it should be wetter than normal bread dough (there is no kneading here!) but slightly drier than a cake batter. Lauren calls it Batter-dough!

6. Pour batter- dough into bread tin. Place a damp tea-towel over the surface. And leave to rise for around an hour. This may take longer in colder weather. If room temperature is too cool, try my bread rising hack: pop it in your hot-water cupboard. The trick is to keep a constant temperature –And not too hot (so don’t put it right on top of your hot water cylinder!) – otherwise the bread will rise too fast and collapse in the oven.

7. After an hour, remove cling wrap and place bread tin in a hot oven. Bake (force fan) at 180 ̊C for 35-40 minutes.

8. Once cooked, remove from bread tin and let it cool before slicing with a serrated knife. Notes β€’ This bread is best stored wrapped in a breathable paper or tea towel rather than plastic, and will stay soft on the counter for days (possibly longer – it always seems to get eaten so quickly!). in summer keep it in the fridge, though this will make it less soft.
Enjoy with olive oil, just like in fancy restaurants, and you’ll maximise the health benefits!



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